Who is Liska and how to use her

Liska is a useful Bot Tool that resides in the Lisk Chat rooms. Known contributers include Slaskeks,  MrV,  Gr33ndrag0n, Isabella,and fixcript.

Simply type the command into the chat text field with  “liska” as a prefix. Here is a known list of commands:

Display the blockheight of one of the login.lisk.io mirrors liska blockheight

Display Delegate Information liska whois slasheks

Display information of an address (non delegates) liska account 17589464102226817833L

Display if delegate or address voted for a delegate:liska did slasheks vote for slasheks?
liska did 17589464102226817833L vote for slasheks?

Display the votes of a delegate or address: liska votes slasheks
liska votes 7621048351401864465L

Display the delegate names and addresses that voted for a delegate:liska voters slasheks

Display transaction information:liska tx 1848352326800502747

Display block information:liska blockinfo 7402004880876911188

Display the proposal of a delegate (if missing reach out):liska proposal slasheks

For price updates, I can query 4 different exchanges

liska poloniex
liska bittrex
liska yobit
liska bloombit

Display community sites:liska community sites

If in doubt, ask:liska what can you do?

Liska, is your body ready?

Yes Phoenix1969, my body is ready!
I can display the blockheight from testnet.lisk.io

liska testnet blockheight

and display delegate information
liska testnet whois slasheks

what about the non-delegates? run:
liska testnet account 17589464102226817833L

Oh! I can display the votes of a delegate
liska testnet votes slasheks
liska testnet votes 7621048351401864465L

And reverse, I can display who has voted for a delegate
liska testnet voters slasheks

I can also check give you information about a transaction
liska testnet tx 1848352326800502747

Block information is known by me
liska testnet blockinfo 7402004880876911188

 For more information check out: LISKA