How voting for lisk delegates works

You may have noticed the delegate list in the wallet GUI. This is the Lisk voting system used to vote for the people you feel will be the best ones to manage a Lisk node. It costs 1 lisk to vote for up to 33 people at one time. you may vote for up to 101 people per Lisk account.

Let’s imagine you have 10,000 lisk in your account, and use 1 lisk to vote for 33 people at once, you now have just given 33 people 9999 votes each because your wallet balance = your vote weight. It’s not split among the number of votes, every delegate you vote for gets the full weight of that account as votes. On top of that still, is it’s forever-dynamic; meaning the moment you move any coin from that account, the equivelant voting weight is removed from every delegate you voted for.

With 10,000 Lisk, you give 0,01% weight to the delegate. The more votes a delegate gets the higher in rank he/she gets. Why be a delegate? You get Lisk for forging/securing the network. With this they can fund Blockchain apps, or other things. So you can vote for the delegates you think are the best for Lisk infrastructure.

While on the delegate page, you may click on the “name” header to organize them alphabetically from A-Z. Clicking a second time will re-arrange them Z-A. All you need to do to vote is click the checkboxes next to the desired delegates, and go to the top right of the page, and click “Vote”.

Hope this helps… and of course, Please vote for phoenix1969!