Aloha….  Phoenix1969 here; welcome to the Adlisk
Banner Ad Contest
Brought to you by Phoenix1969 and Elite group.
We will pick 3 winning Banner ads in this contest.
You can enter up to 5 Banner ads.
GIF, JPG, PNG and HTML5 are typical Google formats
Common Ad dimensions
Handy tool for creating Banner Ads

1st place is 100 Lisk!
2nd place is 75 Lisk!
3rd place is 50 Lisk!

These will be on Google, so please follow thier rules for banner ads.

I would like to hold a vote for entries around the 3rd or 4th of october

I will then use roughly 500 lisk to advertise them on Google, leaving the rest for phase 2 of the campaign.

You have full creative control. With that said…  our aim is to attract
NEW Capitol and/or NEW users or NEW Developers to Lisk…. Good luck!

Upload your entries to dropbox or any repo of your choice and DM me (phoenix1969) in